Eggies System Reviews

Eggies System Reviews

Eggies Reviews. Do you have difficulty peeling the egg shell off of hard boiled eggs? Do you dream of a kitchen utensil that could be used to cook your hard boiled eggs without the shell and eliminate the egg shell peeling process after the eggs are finished boiling? Well thanks to an very innovative invention called the Eggies System. Your egg peeling days are over. I know that I'm not the only one that suck at peeling eggs. I'm sure that there are others too, This is why the eggies system is so unique.

What Is The Eggies System

The eggies system is an easy way to cook hard boiled eggs without the shell. It consist of 6 egg shaped containers and an egg slicer. Using the eggies system is very simple. All that you have to do is crack the eggs, pour the eggs into the eggies containers,swab the inside of the eggies container with oil to prevent sticking, twist on the cap, and boil the eggs for about 15 minutes . Once their done, remove the eggies container from the boiling water, let it cool off, untwist the cap, and the eggs slide out. Its that simple. Also, you can pour eggs from a carton and hard boil them. All that you have to do is pour your eggs into the eggies container and like magic, hard boiled eggs that you and your family will love. Its that simple.

Benefits of using the eggies system

We all know how tedious it can become when it comes to peeling the shells off of hard boiled eggs, but with the eggies system, we no longer have to peel the egg shell of eggs. The eggs come out flat bottomed to prevent your eggs from rolling. You can add seasoning and ingredient before you boil. Also, the eggies system is the most convenient way to cook hard boiled eggs, which cuts the egg shell peeling process out. For whatever reason that you are not satisfied, the eggies system comes with a 30 day money back guarantee . I almost forgot to mention that when you buy one eggies system, which consist of 6 eggie cups and 1 egg slicer, they will double your order. So instead of getting 6 eggies cups and 1 egg slicer, you get 12 eggies cups and 2 egg slicers all for an unbeatable price of $10.00. plus shipping and handling.

The eggies system can't be bought in stores. The only way to order it is online. If you are looking for a fast easy way to cook hard boiled eggs, I recommend that you give the eggies system a try. You will be happy that you did. Visit The Official Eggies Site and Get 2 Eggies Systems for $10 Today

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